Happy 2016 Entrepreneur’s Holiday Card

Dear Entrepreneurial community,

Thanks for another great year.

This 2015-16 Holiday card is for you

Entrepreneurs pursue ideas worth the occasional chaos.

three figures jumping

hooman radfar seated

Hooman Radfar tells the crowd at Startup Grind DC: “The challenge for investors dealing with really smart entrepreneurs is they sound like they know what they’re doing, but they have some areas where the’s not depth.”

Whatever you do this year, enjoy it. Life is shorter than it looks.

About Janice K. Mandel

I'm a storyteller engaged in the evolving voice tech community. Early adopter experience in New York City included: Sr. Editor, EIC/Intelligence, the first online, commercial database (1980s); Communications/Voice of Equinta.com, like Zillow but in 1999; and Reach networks -- like Mosaic, only four years sooner. I've recruited speakers for VOICE Summit (https://voicesummit.ai) and contributed regularly to its "flashbriefing" on Alexa leading up to the event.
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