About Me.

I am a writer and communications advisor. I love startups and the communities that support them. Currently, I’m advising and promoting several startups. Early on, I lived in New York City and was the senior editor for the first commercial computerized database publishing company, EIC/Intelligence, founded by Jim Kollegger, which tracked advanced technologies from lab to marketplace. I was the voice of Equinta.com, one of the earliest entries into the online 360-degree-view real estate portals. I freelanced for about 20 years for PricewaterhouseCoopers and other professional service firms. My earliest assignment was to write a weekly interview-based column about business incubators and their startup tenants that was delivered to members of the National Business Incubation Association over an intranet. I wrote inline columns and interview-based features for PwC’s “Growing Your Business” and “Nextwave” publications. I still freelance. Please connect with me on Twitter @janicekmandel.

Also at linkedin.com/in/janicekmandel

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