Speaking of Cryptocurrency

Just because I posted cryptocurrency work — about 40 pieces I assembled — I owed you balance and perspective. This GIF is not it, however.

I don’t invest in crypto, but I’m curious about how people approach building on-chain apps and how new tech spaces evolve — issues include adjustments entrepreneurs are making as Ethereum joins the major block chains, release of Uniswap v3 confounds even the most experienced tech teams, and Layer 2s emerge in this new multi-chain world. Yeah, I know. It’s hardly English. Not a writer’s dream.

But just because I’m mindful about what I put out into the world, I am providing some context and contrast by linking the October 2020 Report of the Attorney General’s Cyber Digital Task Force — “Cryptocurrency: Enforcement Framework. https://www.justice.gov/archives/ag/page/file/1326061/download

Thanks for stopping by.

About Janice K. Mandel

I'm a storyteller engaged in the evolving voice tech community. Early adopter experience in New York City included: Sr. Editor, EIC/Intelligence, the first online, commercial database (1980s); Communications/Voice of Equinta.com, like Zillow but in 1999; and Reach networks -- like Mosaic, only four years sooner. I've recruited speakers for VOICE Summit (https://voicesummit.ai) and contributed regularly to its "flashbriefing" on Alexa leading up to the event.
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